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Bookkeeping| Accounting| Recordkeeping| Small Business| Creative EntrepreneurDo you ever wish there was a blueprint for how to manage your money as a self-employed person? I do!

When I first went full-time self-employed I was clueless about how to deal with my money. I went from the cushy life of an employee, with a regular paycheck and taxes only once a year, to reality of self-employment- clients don’t pay you on time, you have mega taxes to pay, and you’re managing two sets of finances.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten into *plenty* of fights with my money. You know the kind- those fights where everything starts off hunky dory. A trip to the mall. A frozen yogurt. And then your money does something that really annoys you and you can’t help but say something about it.

The next thing you know you’re vowing to never speak to each other again even though you have to sit together on the bus tomorrow.

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Goal Setting| How to Set Money Goals| Small Business| Entrepreneur| Self Employed

Do you ever feel like financial goal setting is a bunch of fluff? I used to feel that way. I would set a goal and a date to do it by then totally FORGET that I made the goal in the first place. Somewhere down the line, I’d find some crumpled up piece of paper with my goal on it and go, “Oh yeah, I had a goal once.”

Financial goal setting is an art where you take in the future,

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Bookkeeping| Accounting| Recordkeeping| Small Business| Creative Entrepreneur

I’m going to tell you a story. It’s called the time that Andi lagged so hard on doing her bookkeeping that she was filing her taxes at the same time she was adding up her expenses.

Yes, my friends, on April 14th a few years ago, I had statements and receipts strewn across my desk as I went through each line of Turbo Tax, desperately trying to find the information I needed.

That experience sucked and I’m pretty sure I also lost money because I def missed deductions due to my prize-winning procrastination.

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Money Tips| Financial Tips| Small Business Finance| Entrepreneur| Bookkeeping

I have a love-hate relationship with the holidays. I love all the festivities- the parties, the cookies, the time spent with loved ones eating big of meals and drinking one too many glasses of wine.

There’s a wonderful indulgence that I’m more than willing to partake in (don’t let anyone take that cookie from you!)

The side effect of the indulgence is being less diligent about the other things.

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Bookkeeping| Accounting| Creative Entrepreneur| Financial Tips| Blogger| Solopreneur| Self-Employed

We’ve all been there (yes me too)- your business is rocking and rolling. You’re pumped to be making sales, getting clients, and improving your products and services. You’ve been focused on getting your business on point when WHAM you remember that you haven’t done your bookkeeping in a really long time.

Now, you’re trying to figure out how in the hell to get things caught up and how you got here in the first place.

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