Are you overwhelmed by what you need to do to manage your finances? 

You finally did it. You launched your new business, you made a few sales and you’re on top of the world! 

Then the money stuff comes in and money is soooooooo not your thing. 

You try Google for answers. You try asking your friends. You even buy some really boring accounting book just to get a straight answer. Now you’re crossing your fingers and hoping you don’t screw it all up.

Does this sound familar?

  • You’re wondering how much money you REALLY need to make 
  • You want to invest in your business but aren’t sure you can afford it 
  • You know you’re supposed to save for taxes but have no idea how or how much 
  • You’re not even tracking your income and expenses because you don’t know what system to use and there are way too many options 

What if you could run your business without worrying about screwing up the money part? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just told you everything you need to know about how to deal with your finances the right way? 


  • Being totally up to date and organized in your bookkeeping 
  • Fully understanding your deductions and saving money at tax time 
  • Knowing exactly how much you need to put aside for your taxes every month (and you don’t get slammed at the end of the year) 
  • Sticking to a budget- even if your income changes a lot 
  • Paying yourself enough to live off (and have some fun, too) 
  • Taking a vacation and knowing that there is enough money in the bank so you can *actually* relax
  • Having a plan to scale your business for the lifestyle you REALLY want

Biz Finance Launchpad was created out of 8+ years of working with new business owners stuck & overwhelmed by their finances. 

Biz finance launchpad is a 1 on 1 consultation where I teach you everything you need to know about managing your business finances the right way. 

I wanted to create a system that helps new business owners launch a successful biz without getting stuck in the money (and you learn good money management skills while you’re at it). 

Biz Finance Launchpad is a 2-hour consultation where we go in-depth about these 8 things you need to know to keep your business finances on lock down: 

Let’s take a deeper look at each phase of the consultation: 


We will… 

Discuss the best income/expense tracking sytems for your business 

Design a tracking strategy that fits your lifestyle and workflow 

What’s the point? 

To get organized so you can stay on top of your bookkeeping and save time getting it done (which means you have more time for what you really want to be doing in your biz) 

And you get… 

A step by step action plan to get your business bookkeeping set up once and for all


We will… 

Identify all the ways you make your money and put them into categories

Build an income map based on what you need to know about your business now and in the future  

What’s the point? 

Sets you up to track the EXACT info you need to set and reach your goals, cutting out the fluff (and the work) from your recordkeeping


We will… 

Go over tax deductions for your business 

Clear the clutter of everything you hear from Mary, Joe, & Sue and focus on what you CAN write off in YOUR business 

Identify missed deductions

What’s the point? 

You save more money at tax time and lower your tax bill, which means more dollars for something you actually want to spend money on 

And you get… 

A personalized Tax Deduction worksheet to use a reference every time you do your bookkeeping


We will… 

Build your Chart of Accounts, which is the financial backbone of your business 

Streamline your income and expense categories so you only spend time gathering the information you need 

What’s the point? 

A Chart of Accounts keeps your bookkeeping and your finances focused, eliminating unnecessary work and confusion

And you get... 

A tailored Chart of Accounts that you can reference when setting up your accounting software 

An importable file for setting up QuickBooks Online 


We will… 

Identify your fixed and variable expenses in your business 

Build annual expenses into your budget 

Use the information you have about your business RIGHT NOW to create a business budget 

For new businesses- create a projected budget based on realistic estimates 

Set income and expense goals that you can actually stick to 

What’s the point? 

Budgets are the key to good cash management in a business, so you always have enough money in the bank for unexpected expenses  

And you get… 

A 12 month budget template that you can adjust throughout the year to keep your finances on track 


We will… 

Talk about the nitty gritty of saving for taxes and build taxes into your budget 

Develop a debt repayment plan for your business debt 

Set savings goals for your biz, like having a checking account cushion, saving for vacation and sick pay, and investing in products or trainings that grow your business 

What’s the point? 

So you don’t get slammed with taxes at the end of the year and need to go on a payment plan, you want to stay ahead of your taxes NOT behind. 

This phase is your commitment to making your business’ growth a financial priority 


We will… 

Develop an owner pay schedule that builds off of your budget 

Determine the amount, frequency, and schedule for paying yourself so you can start immediately 

What’s the point? 

Paying yourself regularly stabilizes cash flow in your business and your personal finances, so you aren’t overspending and blowing off your long term goals 

And you get… 

An Owner Pay Worksheet that can be customized over and over again as your business grows


We will… 

Pick one goal and figure out what you need to earn to meet that goal 

Break the goal into smaller, more manageable pieces 

Develop financial milestones for reaching your goal 

What’s the point? 

You will set clear goals in your business (with specific milestones) and know exactly what you need to do to get your business to the place you dream of 

And you get... 

An Income Forecasting spreadsheet that breaks down your goals and how to get there 

After the consultation you will receive a Personalized Launchpad Packet which includes: 

  • A video of our session 
  • All of the worksheets and spreadsheets we work on together including: 
  • Tax Deduction Worksheet 
  • Chart of Accounts (for reference) 
  • Chart of Accounts (for QuickBooks import) 

  • 12-month Business Budget 
  • Owner Pay Schedule 
  • Income Forecasting Worksheet 
  • Blank copies of the worksheets and spreadsheets so you can use them again and again 

"Thank you again for meeting with me today. It was super helpful and definitely got my engine started around keeping sane and responsible books. I feel motivated now!"

How does it all work? 


Click the button BOOK MY SESSION NOW button. You’ll immediately be taken to the secure checkout page where you can pay for your Launchpad session.


Immediately after paying you will be taken to a scheduling page where you can schedule your 2 hour consultation. Sessions take place on Wednesdays & Thursdays and are first come, first served. 


After you schedule your session you will receive a welcome packet that includes a link to a detailed questionnaire about your business. This is not a cookie cutter formula and this questionnaire helps me tailor our session to the needs of your business. 


Join me for a two hour (120 minute) Launchpad session. We will hop on Skype and go over each of the 8 phases, completing a series of worksheet and spreadsheets together. 

By the end, you will have an in-depth understanding of your finances, a plan of action for moving forward, and the skills to manage your business finances.


Within 24 hours of our session, you will receive a link to your packet which includes a recording of our session, all the worksheets we complete together, and templates of the blank worksheets for you use to keep putting your new found money skills to work. 

Your investment for Biz Finance Launchpad is $397 

or 4 monthly payments $114

*Save $59 by paying in full*

"This was one of the best investments I made when launching my business! 

I knew I wanted to create a financial infrastructure that would support both starting and growing my business, but wasn't sure where to start.  

Andi helped me put together a monthly budget that supported my various priorities (in my case, paying myself regularly, saving for vacations/building a buffer, & paying off start-up debt), showed me how to set up my books, reviewed my many business deductions and what I needed to be setting aside tax-wise. 

The consultation gave me a flexible framework that I could immediately start using to organize my finances. I've since recommended her to all of my friends entering into private practice." 

- Jennifer Vera, Therapist

"Before the consultation I was struggling with how to go about bookkeeping, conceptualizing my financial goals, and understanding my deductions.

My biggest hesitation was admitting how little I knew about accounting and the cost of the package. However, I knew it would make itself well worth it in the deductions, and it already has. 

Andi made the process easy, approachable, and clear and I loved having the worksheets to use later while setting things up."

- Rebecca Goettsche, Individual & Couples Therapist

One year from now you’re going to wish you had gotten organized and planned for your future today. 

The longer you wait to deal with your finances, the more time and money you spend. Getting your money set up the right way now means you avoid mistakes that cost you money. 

"Andi not only helped me organize my bookkeeping, but she also gave me a blueprint for growing my business. 

With her help, I have an easy-to-follow plan to track my business’ profitability, along with a system for goal setting and business building. Her expertise and advice are invaluable.”

- Stephanie Dreyer, Best-selling author & vegan lifestyle expert

Hi! My name is Andi Smiles and I’m a small business financial consultant & recovering financial hot mess.  

Not too many years ago I was probably like you- behind on my bookkeeping, flying by the seat of my financial pants, and clueless about how to actually make my money work in my business. 

Even though I worked as a professional bookkeeper, small business financial consultant, and financial educator for 8+ years, there was big difference between telling people how to manage money and actually doing it. I know first-hand how daunting the money stuff can be! 

Then, I transformed my business finances into the bad ass system it is today, using the same process I’m going to teach you. 

Now, instead of just talking the financial talk, I’m riding into the rainbow sunset on the back of a majestic money unicorn, ready take on the world- or at least, your finances.

"Andi makes the ever feared topic of business finances sexy, clear, empowering and dare I say...FUN! 

I am always recommending her packages and trainings to all of my clients and colleagues."

- Philipe L. Harrington, MFT 

Thriving Practice Coach for Queer, Trans and Social Justice Folks

You could keep scouring Google looking for answers, but they won’t be tailored to your business and aren’t guaranteed to work. 

 Biz Finance Launchpad is perfect for new business owners who are: 

  • Bloggers 
  • Course Creators 
  • Therapists 
  • Coaches 
  • Consultants 
  • Web & Graphic Designers 
  •  Fitness Instructors 
  • Makers 
  • Virtual Assistants 
  • Wellness Practitioners 
  • Personal Service Providers 
  • And so many more!

After 2 hours you will… 

  • Have a bookkeeping attack plan that keeps your money organized, saving you the time and stress of falling behind 
  • Stop missing key deductions that save money at tax time 
  • Build a financial skeleton for your business, streamlining all of your financial systems and setting you up for long term growth 
  • Develop a realistic budget that you stick to so you have enough money for your business AND yourself 
  • Have a tax savings plan to stay ahead of your taxes and file them stress-free 
  • Know exactly what financial milestones you need to hit to build the business you dream of


What are the tangible take aways from the 2 hours Launchpad session? 

  • My feedback on each of the 8 pillars as they relate specifically to your business, giving you answers you won’t get just searching online. 
  • You will learn my process for building budgets and an owner pay schedule that you can replicate over and over as your business grows 
  • We will develop a detailed financial map for your business that will enable you to set goals and grow your business to it’s full potential and sustainably 
  • A personalized packet of financial assets for your business including: Tax Deduction Worksheet, Chart of Accounts (for reference) , Chart of Accounts (for QuickBooks import), 12-month Business Budget, Owner Pay Schedule, Income Forecasting Worksheet

What do I need to have with me during our session? 

Any financial documentation you have. Some people have documents to share and others are just getting started and don’t have anything. Also, bring any questions you have about your business finances. 

What if I’m a brand new business owner and don’t have anything set up yet? 

That’s totally fine! You are in the right place to get your business finances set up the right way without having to redo everything later. 

How is this different than hiring a CPA? 

A CPA is a tax professional who will advise and file your taxes for you. This is an educational consultation that will help you set up and implement healthy financial habits into your business. 

What if I have questions about something not listed in the package? 

We will have time for questions during the session. Keep a list of your questions and we will address them as they come up.

I’ve been in business for a while- would this package still be helpful? 

Yes! It’s always helpful to have a professional review and fine tune your financial processes, especially if you’ve never done an in-depth audit of the financial system in your business. 

What if I need more help afterwards? 

After the session, you can opt to purchase a 30-minute virtual help session, where you can ask your follow-up questions or request training (via screen sharing) in areas you get stuck. 

Got questions? I'd love to help! Email me at