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Guest Post from Trista Thompson

Hi! I’m Trista! I’m all about teaching the tech savvy how to use their kickass skills for fun, good juju, and serious profit! My next FREE course starts April 3d!

In (boring) business terms, cash flow management is: the process of monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting your business’ cash flows. Wait, don’t go! I’m going to speak way more plainly here,

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Aren’t budgets just the *worst*? I mean, they totally take the fun out of money and make you feel like you’re shackled to a boring set of numbers for eternity. Who needs them!

Well….actually…. you do.

A business budget is a tool that can help you manage the cash flow in your business and keep your spending and savings on track. If made correctly, a business budget can even be like a cheerleader,

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Write Offs| Tax Deductions| Self- Employed| Small Business

Sometimes I think if I were a superhero, my superpower would be bumming people out. I’m always the one to deliver bad news when it comes to write offs and taxes!

But, like any superhero, I do it for the good of humankind (especially the self-employed humans) even if it means I’m known as Major Bummer Pants.

It’s super common for people to make write off mistakes. It isn’t because they’re trying to fleece the system- it’s just because they never learned the ins and outs of write-offs.

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The big T is here and before you run away in horror like you just saw Slimer empty an entire buffet cart in his mouth, hear me out.

The biggest reason people put off getting prepped for their self-employed taxes is because they don’t know WHAT to prep or how. There are a million things they hear that they should be writing off, but they have no clear system for gathering this info.

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Money tips| Financial tips| Money mindset| Self-employed| Creative Entrepreneur

Are you seduced by the deep dark hole of procrastination when it comes to your finances? You know the one- it looks like binge watching Netflix and eating Nutella on potato chips instead of filing your receipts and doing your bookkeeping.

Yea, so am I.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Lindsay Maloney on her podcast Self-Made and Savvy all about procrastination and your finances.

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CPA|Tax preparer|Accountant| How to| File Taxes| Self-Employed| 1040

Does the thought of doing your taxes totally bum you out? Late nights combing through Turbo Tax and Google, trying to figure out if that one random deduction actually applies to you. Hitting Submit unconfidently and crossing your fingers that you didn’t screw something up.

Well, good news! There is a super magical person that can do all that combing and submitting for you- a CPA or Enrolled Agent.

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Bookkeeping| Accounting| Recordkeeping| Small Business| Creative EntrepreneurDo you ever wish there was a blueprint for how to manage your money as a self-employed person? I do!

When I first went full-time self-employed I was clueless about how to deal with my money. I went from the cushy life of an employee, with a regular paycheck and taxes only once a year, to reality of self-employment- clients don’t pay you on time, you have mega taxes to pay, and you’re managing two sets of finances.

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Money Tips| Financial Tips| Business Finances| Self-Employed| Entrepreneur

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten into *plenty* of fights with my money. You know the kind- those fights where everything starts off hunky dory. A trip to the mall. A frozen yogurt. And then your money does something that really annoys you and you can’t help but say something about it.

The next thing you know you’re vowing to never speak to each other again even though you have to sit together on the bus tomorrow.

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Goal Setting| How to Set Money Goals| Small Business| Entrepreneur| Self Employed

Do you ever feel like financial goal setting is a bunch of fluff? I used to feel that way. I would set a goal and a date to do it by then totally FORGET that I made the goal in the first place. Somewhere down the line, I’d find some crumpled up piece of paper with my goal on it and go, “Oh yeah, I had a goal once.”

Financial goal setting is an art where you take in the future,

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Bookkeeping| Accounting| Recordkeeping| Small Business| Creative Entrepreneur

I’m going to tell you a story. It’s called the time that Andi lagged so hard on doing her bookkeeping that she was filing her taxes at the same time she was adding up her expenses.

Yes, my friends, on April 14th a few years ago, I had statements and receipts strewn across my desk as I went through each line of Turbo Tax, desperately trying to find the information I needed.

That experience sucked and I’m pretty sure I also lost money because I def missed deductions due to my prize-winning procrastination.

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