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Let’s talk about the thing in business that makes every business owner groan: Saving for taxes. Because, really, when all those shiny numbers get deposited into your account the last thing you want to do is put money into your tax savings.

Am I right or am I right?

So what happens? First, we pretend that we don’t have to save for taxes. We spend our dollars on all types of cool biz stuff or even take a little out to pay ourselves.

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Signed up for QuickBooks Online? Opened up the program ready to get started? Took one look at the interface and ran for the hills? Yea, I get it. Because, real talk, there’s a lot of stuff to know about QuickBooks Online.

Let me tell you about the time that I ruined a beautiful desk from IKEA as soon as I started putting it together. I was SO excited about executing my home office set up that I skimmed the instructions.

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Have you ever sat down in front of your computer to do your bookkeeping and thought to yourself, “Why does this have to suck SO much?”

*Everyone in the world nods their head*

Even I, a professional bookkeeper, think that sometimes!

It’s because bookkeeping is synonymous with tedious. We imagine our bookkeeping like this- huddled at our desk surrounded by a 4-foot stack of receipts,

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Truth: I’m a chronic multi-tasker. At my first job, everyone praised me to for my multi-tasking prowess and I was rewarded with 10 cent raises every 6 months (high roller over there in my Plymouth). Being rewarded so abundantly for my multi-tasking skills taught me one important thing- multi-tasking IS the way to keep up with all those little things.

When I went full-time self-employed I thought multi-tasking was going to propel me to success in a rocket made of viral blog posts,

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Money Organization| Business| Entrepreneur| Self-Employed

Let’s take a sec to talk about money overwhelm in your business. Because the struggle is real.

Money overwhelm comes from having a lot of moving parts and no idea how they are supposed to move together. Instead of being a unicorn prancing to funky town, your financial backend looks like a lopsided spider- with one working leg, dragging itself to the dive bar down the street.

The result?

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A few years ago my money situation was a disaster- and to be honest- disaster is a nice way to put it. The real talk way to put it is this: A few years ago, my money situation was a shit show.

Here’s what it looked like: my bookkeeping was def not done, I was overdrawing my bank account, had a mountain of credit card debt,

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